Trenton Mercer Airport celebrates its 1 millonth passenger

In November 2012, Frontier Airlines seeing an opportunity to bring commerical service to Trenton started flying twice a week to Orlando. Now 3 1/2 years later Frontier serves 10 destinations (3 daily) and recently welcomed their 1 millionth passenger to depart the airport on Frontier. "There was understandably some skepticism when we started service about commercial viability given the history of other airlines in this airport, but we've proven that we have a service that works," said Daniel Shurz, senior vice president of commercial operation at Frontier. Indeed it does work as Shurz told that Trenton Mercer Airport "is one of Frontier's more profitable airports. It offers a more hassle-free alternative to the bigger airports and lets travelers get from the car to their gate in less than 10 minutes".

Some travelers have been skeptical of the longevity of service at the airport given Frontier's recent increase in service at nearby Philadelphia International Airport. Schurz dismisses this saying "These two airports are in some of the densest population in the country so it's perfectly sustainable to have service from both airports.". Mercer County the owners of Trenton Mercer Airport have both short-term and long term plans to improve the customer experience. Expected to be completed by this summer, the airport baggage claim area is being expanded and will add another baggage carousel, bathrooms and a covered walkway to the ground transportation area. Long term plans call for a new $50 million dollar modern terminal that could possibily attract other airlines.

More quotes and information is available at the news article

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