PARKING INFORMATION $2.00/hr or $8.00/day

Trenton-Mercer airport offers convenient parking located in three parking lots. Two of these within walking distance to the terminal building with no shuttle required.  Approximately 1100 to 1150 spaces are available in these two lots.  The third lot offers overflow parking to accommodate the expanding schedule at the airport. This lot is across from the general aviation section of the airport and requires the use of a free shuttle to get to the terminal building to board your flight. Shuttles run every 8-12 minutes starting 2 hours before each departing flight and 1 hour after each arriving flight.  For further information you can contact the airport parking department at (609) 306-7805 (office closed between 1am and 5am)

Parking lots are patrolled by the Mercer County Sheriffs Department from their onsite substation.

 Due an increased flight service, the two main lots may fill up at times. Therefore it is highly recommended that you allow extra time incase parking in the overflow lot and taking the free shuttle to the terminal is necessary.